The Far Field

The Far Field by Madhuri Vijay is an intensely told story of various hues of love and bonding against the backdrop of turmoil in Kashmir. I wonder why she called it, The Far Field. The more appropriate title seemed to me The Far Away Mountain! It is a story of betrayals, told splendidly within the chaotic land of Kashmir, swinging between chaos and normalcy.. It is an empathetically woven story of various hues and colours of love.


Experiencing Music and Moving On

If you ask me what sort of music I like? I really don’t know. I just seem to follow the tastes of the people closest to me at that point in time. In my school-going days I listened to the radio, mainly Vividh Bharati Service of All India Radio, as my father listed to the news and old Hindi film songs. I reflect on my experience with listening to music and moving on with the changing ways!

The Amazons: Women in Greek Myths-4

In Greek mythology the Amazons, the fifth Greek women story in Natalie Haynes book ‘Pandora’s Jar: Women in Greek Myths’, were known as a tribe of women warriors known for their skills in riding, for their pride and courage. Natalie Haynes argues that the amazing Amazons are also maligned and reduced in significance in many Greek mythological writings. She argues for a better and fuller description of Amazon heroes using lesser known and used texts of various Greek and Roman ancient historians

Women’s Day 2022: Gender equality for a sustainable tomorrow

The bulge in the population pyramid in the age groups 15 to 35 years is the ‘demographic dividend’. While most countries are aging and have very low birth rates, India’s population will continue to grow for a decade more. However, the advantage of having a young population will not be an advantage if the education system fails us.

Rethinking Human Capital: View of informal workers

Concept of human capital captures years of formal general-technical education which are sufficient to measure the skill level of the wage worker. The skill sets required by majority of informal self-employed workers running small business are not captured by this measure. As the latter constitute a vast majority of worker the concept of human capital needs re-thinking.

‘Close Encounters of the Statistical Kind’: PhD before the Digital Era

The PhD student of today is so blessed, little does she know it. I started work on my PhD in Economics more than three decades ago. During this period I had the most interesting ‘close encounters of the statistical kind’ with data and statisticians of the National Sample Survey Office in Kolkata. This association with the National Statistical Office (NSO) and officers continues till today.

Social Norms and Participation of Women in Work

Whether you take the social norms framework, statistical framework, the political framework or the judicial framework the question is: How to design policy to improve women’s work participation in India? Social norms remains a major factor to contend with no matter which framework is used to design policies.