Spaceship 502-The Black Fungus Monster (3)

On Spaceship 502 we have a new enemy to fight, the Black Fungus Monster! The invasion of an Alien Specimen!


Stuck in our 'living room' for an entire year since March 24, 2020 when India imposed its first lockdown. Morning after watching film Passengers, I took these random shots of our living room. It struck me that this was really my spaceship! Spaceship 502. Enclosed in this space I take classes, attend meetings and webinars, all in the virtual mode. Spaceship 502 is my home, office, entertainment center and all else for the entire year and through this journey. Fortunately I have a partner, a co-passenger, for company on this long journey.

Finding heroism in the stories of working class

What a pleasant surprise and Christmas gift I received when a friend sent me this clip from Ahmedabad Post, Gujarati e-paper, dated December 26, 2020, which featured this Blogger's blog 'Unni-Verse'. A journalist had done a freewheeling interview with me more than a month ago. The online paper Ahmedabad Post was highlighting Professional women engaged … Continue reading Finding heroism in the stories of working class

Unlock 1.0 Humour: Our Trishanku Heaven

After three months of lockdown, with compulsory stay-at-home and Work From Home rules, we have finally entered the phase of Unlock. I had posted one major event of Unlock 1 on my travel blog, the safe passage of two of our students to their home states. With Unlock 1.0 we continue in Trishanku Swargam … Continue reading Unlock 1.0 Humour: Our Trishanku Heaven

COVID19-3 Laughter is the best medicine

'Laughter is the best medicine' is a popular saying. Well, not always, as there are a lot of unfortunate events all around the world where laughter is no medicine at all. Still it is interesting to see humour pop up all around and creative juices working overtime in the virtual world. The virtual world is … Continue reading COVID19-3 Laughter is the best medicine

‘My Experiments With Truth’-In the Kitchen

Salutation on Gandhi Jayanti! 'My Experiments with Truth" is the autobiography of the Mahatma. A friend wrote ‘one of the best ways to learn is by experimenting’. Here the laboratory for experimenting is the kitchen!! The kitchen is not my fovourite place and cooking is neither my best skill nor hobby! So read on....

Bald Wit

Being a Feminist I am inspired to raise my “woman’s” voice on the topic of baldness among women. The men should not imagine this field belongs to them alone. My daughter recently sent me a friend’s humorous musing on his baldness on his blog He wrote that he was inspired to write by the musing … Continue reading Bald Wit

Elippathayam: The urban rat-trap

We were sleeping peacefully in our home in the prestigious IIT Delhi campus after an exhausting day of travel and partying! I woke up suddenly feeling that someone was lightly running over me! I sat up and felt around, but there was no one or anything! My partner slept peacefully! I fell asleep again and … Continue reading Elippathayam: The urban rat-trap