‘Tiger’ in the Woods: Trying my hand at Game of Golf

I have thought of golf as a game of the leisurely rich. Then why am I interested in golf? I spent a ‘leisurely’ afternoon in a country club, and got the opportunity of an hour of coaching in the intricacies of golf! My effort is to describe what I understood and played in an hour! Arjun, a professional golf player turned coach, was a tough trainer.

Goalympics: Olympic Hockey Bronze and Golden Goaly Sreejesh

India is jumping for joy after winning an Olympic Bronze in the Men's Hockey, Tokyo 2020. Hurrah for the Indian Men's Hockey team that ended the 40 year drought in Olympics since 1980. Last time the Men's Hockey Team won the GOLD in the Moscow Olympics, 1980. A shout out to the Women's Hockey Team that entered the Olympic Semi-finals, a first ever!

Magen Abraham Synagogue, Ahmedabad

I have been visiting the Synagogue at Cochin (Kochi now) since childhood. Located on the island of Kochi it has an intriguing old world charm. In all these years in Ahmedabad I was unaware that there was a Synagogue here in the old city, the Megan Abraham Synagogue. Shutterbugs, the Student Photography Club at Ahmedabad University organized a visit and discussion on the Jewish presence in Gujarat where we enjoyed a guided tour and a fascinating conversation on the topic.

Market and More Market, Malaga, Spain

In which informal market space did one see stained glass windows? Well, we did, in the fruit and vegetable, fish and meat market in Malaga, Andalusia province in the South of Spain. There were beautiful stained glass depictions of the scenes from the Bible in the Malaga cathedral, but in the market? The Stained glass … Continue reading Market and More Market, Malaga, Spain

In Turmoil: Layered tensions in the Holy Land

As we traversed the Holy Land of Israel we slowly began to feel the tensions beneath. My husband captured this beautifully in the poem that I post at the end of this post. Not having inherited such talent I write in prose of the various manifestations of the tensions beneath. Along the road to Nazareth in North … Continue reading In Turmoil: Layered tensions in the Holy Land

#MeToo: In Institutions of Higher Education

    The courage of these women, part of the #MeToo movement, in media, in the movies and in the corporate sector, is admirable. They are coming out and talking about how they were humiliated, intimidated and told that their fledgling careers would be squashed. However, there have been a few criticisms of the #MeToo … Continue reading #MeToo: In Institutions of Higher Education

To market, to market to buy a fat fish!!

Lac Bangles, Bapu Bazaar, Jaipur, Pink City Art Bazaar, Moscow I am not an etymologist so anything I say on this subject should be taken with a pinch of salt. As far as I understand, the word Mandi in Hindi means a market place. Mandis are named after the products they sell. So a market … Continue reading To market, to market to buy a fat fish!!

Of Orthodox Syrian Christian Heritage

I am a NRK, non-resident Keralite, as I was born in Kunnamkulam town, Kerala, but never really lived there. The only time I actually lived in Kerala was two years of my M.Phil course at CDS, Trivandrum. However, I spent all my summer holidays between Kunnamkulam and Irinjalakuda, both in Trissur. I have heard numerous … Continue reading Of Orthodox Syrian Christian Heritage