Salary to housewives vs counting women’s unpaid work

I wrote this popular article inspired by the news item on a promise of 'salary to housewives' by a political party in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Our University Communications Head placed it on the IANS news web portal, translated into Hindi as well. It has appeared so far in 19 Web News Channels … Continue reading Salary to housewives vs counting women’s unpaid work

World Fintech Festival 2020, Day 3, December 9, 2020

Wishing all Friends a Happy, Safe, Healthy and Peaceful 2021! I had never heard of the Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF) 2020. Imagine my (Jeemol Unni) surprise when I got an invite to Moderate a Panel at the Festival. A Panel titled: Women's Participation in the Economy post COVID-19. It turned out that the women panel … Continue reading World Fintech Festival 2020, Day 3, December 9, 2020

Finding heroism in the stories of working class

What a pleasant surprise and Christmas gift I received when a friend sent me this clip from Ahmedabad Post, Gujarati e-paper, dated December 26, 2020, which featured this Blogger's blog 'Unni-Verse'. A journalist had done a freewheeling interview with me more than a month ago. The online paper Ahmedabad Post was highlighting Professional women engaged … Continue reading Finding heroism in the stories of working class

Christmas Feasts of India

Oh ho and Christmas is here! This morning, December 20th, I was pleased to feel another round of Christmas Cheer as I opened the newspaper and saw this: Our Christmas Feasts! It was the center spread of The Express Times Sunday Magazine, where Nupur Amarnath had written this piece which was cheerfully illustrated by Anirban … Continue reading Christmas Feasts of India

Stand-Up Comedy: A gendered art!

Stand-Up Comedy and it’s Gendered nature.


London’s Hyde Park has always had a ‘Speaker’s Corner’ where anyone could stand up and present a monologue. In the nineties when we first visited London we came across this corner by chance and heard a very interesting political commentary by a young man who had a very large audience in splits of laughter! The Indian Express recently carried a newspaper report from the New York Times on the Australian stand-up comedian Hannah Gadsby. Her stand-up show, Nanette, was apparently creating waves. The show is now available on Netflix and we watched it. It made a great impression on me, for her boldness, her approach to gender and capacity to tell a story of discrimination of the LGBT community with humour and a dramatic punch.

Stand-up Comedy has been around since the beginning of civilization I suppose. But I got introduced to this form of art recently. Yes, it is…

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Work From Home Companions: Stress reliever!

Today is Mental Health Day, October 10th. While this is a serious issue, today there is need to emphasize stress relief when many of us are cooped up at home. One of my stress relieving activities is yoga as I discussed in my last post 'Yoga, yoga asana and the art of relaxing'. It's been … Continue reading Work From Home Companions: Stress reliever!

‘How A Cooperative Of Dairy Farmers Kept The Rivers Of Milk Flowing In Uncertain Times?’

In an earlier post I had written a story of the creator of the cooperative dairy union AMUL in India. "Verghese Kurien (1921-2012) is considered the Father of the White Revolution in India. He is also known as the ‘Milkman of India’. He was responsible for moving India from a milk powder importing country to … Continue reading ‘How A Cooperative Of Dairy Farmers Kept The Rivers Of Milk Flowing In Uncertain Times?’

Calvin’s Wardrobe and Mine

I started writing this blog Unni-Verse in 2016 and the first post I wrote was titled 'Worldly Wardrobe Woes'. I was at my daughter's place in Chicago and reflecting on my sense of traditional/ethnic wear and the Western choice of clothes. Today I came across this Calvin and Hobbes cartoon in the newspaper and was … Continue reading Calvin’s Wardrobe and Mine