To be or Not to be: Tenured!

'Ok, I admit it: Productivity is Overrated'. I read this article by Theresa MacPhail  this morning and tweeted: Sure? or Not Sure? Is this advice for the 'to be tenured' or already 'tenured' academic? #EconTwitter #tenure Sure ? Not sure? Is this an advice for the ‘to be tenured’ or already ‘tenured’ academic? OK, I … Continue reading To be or Not to be: Tenured!

New Age Children in Cartoons

I am fascinated by the creative space that the digital era has created for the cartoonists. I have been collecting amusing cartoons on children in both digital and non-digital spaces and I present them here. The children of the new age are very different from even a decade ago. Most children are smart, self-confident and … Continue reading New Age Children in Cartoons

Home Sweet Home: The Signature of the Dweller

Some time ago I came across an interesting article, that I cannot locate now, that argued how people set-up or decorated their houses. The author made a distinction between people who were widely traveled and those who were home bound. Accordingly to her the traveler or those bitten by the wanderlust tended to have their … Continue reading Home Sweet Home: The Signature of the Dweller

Oh to Stand and Stare: Wild in the Not-so Wilderness

I've been planning to write a blog filled with photos of my shoot of Wild Life in the Not-so-Wilderness, but my 'very busy' schedule kept putting it off. Today I came across this post titled "The Disease of Being Busy": I wondered, "now have I caught this disease as well".  Remembered the famous poem we … Continue reading Oh to Stand and Stare: Wild in the Not-so Wilderness

Healing the Hurt Body: Meditation

Budda Statue in Bodh Gaya Iam a great fan and believer of the practice of yoga to maintain a healthy life. I strongly believe that regular yoga exercises keeps the body flexible and helps to strengthen the spine, which helps guard against backache and every other ache. The kind of yoga our teacher practices is … Continue reading Healing the Hurt Body: Meditation