Kusoor – The Mistake – Play by Amol Palekar

We watched a play titled 'Kusoor'-The Mistake, directed by Actor/Director Amol Palekar. His wife, Sandhya Gokhale, a script writer, adapted this play from the Danish story 'Den Skyldige' written by Gustav Moller and Emil.N. Andersen. It is a subtle story reflecting the tensions of our times. It is heartening to see such committed artists as Amol and Sandhya.

Peep into the Life and Art of Tribes in India

The surprise element of our brief tour of Madhya Pradesh, a large state in central India, was The Tribal Museum in Bhopal. I have visited many museums around the world with many art  objects and artifacts. We saw very interesting art installations in the The Burning Man Exhibition in Washington DC last June and the Kochi … Continue reading Peep into the Life and Art of Tribes in India

Of Poets and Fools in a Literary Paradise: Jaipur Literary Fest 2019

I am married into a family of poets and talented people! My great grandfather-in-law was a celebrated Sufi Poet in Jaipur! I have always wondered at the ability of my husband and daughter, and my brother-in-law, to spin verse at the drop of a hat, mostly in Hindi and Urdu! Occasionally in English for the … Continue reading Of Poets and Fools in a Literary Paradise: Jaipur Literary Fest 2019

Stand-Up Comedy: A gendered art!

London’s Hyde Park has always had a ‘Speaker’s Corner’ where anyone could stand up and present a monologue. In the nineties when we first visited London we came across this corner by chance and heard a very interesting political commentary by a young man who had a very large audience in splits of laughter! The … Continue reading Stand-Up Comedy: A gendered art!

Art Rivalry-Da Vinci Michelangelo Raphael

When I was of an impressionable age I read The Agony and the Ecstasy, a biographical novel  on Michelangelo by the American author Irving Stone. No doubt I was fascinated. A few years ago we visited the Vatican and took guided walking tours of the Colosseum, the Vatican and other sights in Rome. The girl who guided … Continue reading Art Rivalry-Da Vinci Michelangelo Raphael