Christmas Feasts of India

Oh ho and Christmas is here! This morning, December 20th, I was pleased to feel another round of Christmas Cheer as I opened the newspaper and saw this: Our Christmas Feasts! It was the center spread of The Express Times Sunday Magazine, where Nupur Amarnath had written this piece which was cheerfully illustrated by Anirban … Continue reading Christmas Feasts of India

Stand-Up Comedy: A gendered art!

Stand-Up Comedy and it’s Gendered nature.


London’s Hyde Park has always had a ‘Speaker’s Corner’ where anyone could stand up and present a monologue. In the nineties when we first visited London we came across this corner by chance and heard a very interesting political commentary by a young man who had a very large audience in splits of laughter! The Indian Express recently carried a newspaper report from the New York Times on the Australian stand-up comedian Hannah Gadsby. Her stand-up show, Nanette, was apparently creating waves. The show is now available on Netflix and we watched it. It made a great impression on me, for her boldness, her approach to gender and capacity to tell a story of discrimination of the LGBT community with humour and a dramatic punch.

Stand-up Comedy has been around since the beginning of civilization I suppose. But I got introduced to this form of art recently. Yes, it is…

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Calvin’s Wardrobe and Mine

I started writing this blog Unni-Verse in 2016 and the first post I wrote was titled 'Worldly Wardrobe Woes'. I was at my daughter's place in Chicago and reflecting on my sense of traditional/ethnic wear and the Western choice of clothes. Today I came across this Calvin and Hobbes cartoon in the newspaper and was … Continue reading Calvin’s Wardrobe and Mine

Verghese Kurien: An Ode to Father of the White Revolution, India

Credit: Google, Google acknowledges the Milkman of India on his birth anniversary Verghese Kurien (1921-2012) is considered the Father of the White Revolution in India. He is also known as the 'Milkman of India'. He was responsible for moving India from a milk powder importing country to becoming self-sufficient in milk and milk products. He … Continue reading Verghese Kurien: An Ode to Father of the White Revolution, India

To be or Not to be: Tenured!

'Ok, I admit it: Productivity is Overrated'. I read this article by Theresa MacPhail  this morning and tweeted: Sure? or Not Sure? Is this advice for the 'to be tenured' or already 'tenured' academic? #EconTwitter #tenure Sure ? Not sure? Is this an advice for the ‘to be tenured’ or already ‘tenured’ academic? OK, I … Continue reading To be or Not to be: Tenured!

New Age Children in Cartoons

I am fascinated by the creative space that the digital era has created for the cartoonists. I have been collecting amusing cartoons on children in both digital and non-digital spaces and I present them here. The children of the new age are very different from even a decade ago. Most children are smart, self-confident and … Continue reading New Age Children in Cartoons

Home Sweet Home: The Signature of the Dweller

Some time ago I came across an interesting article, that I cannot locate now, that argued how people set-up or decorated their houses. The author made a distinction between people who were widely traveled and those who were home bound. Accordingly to her the traveler or those bitten by the wanderlust tended to have their … Continue reading Home Sweet Home: The Signature of the Dweller

Oh to Stand and Stare: Wild in the Not-so Wilderness

I've been planning to write a blog filled with photos of my shoot of Wild Life in the Not-so-Wilderness, but my 'very busy' schedule kept putting it off. Today I came across this post titled "The Disease of Being Busy": I wondered, "now have I caught this disease as well".  Remembered the famous poem we … Continue reading Oh to Stand and Stare: Wild in the Not-so Wilderness