What Makes Women Entrepreneurs?

Brief discussion on what makes women entrepreneurs? Based on our book, with co-authors titled ‘Women Entrepreneurship in the Indian Middle Class’, forthcoming.

Job Creation in the Micro Small and Medium Enterprise Sector

Job Creation in the MSME sector in India This article appeared in The India Forum, an online Journal/Magazine on contemporary issues: Forum: On Employment Generation https://www.theindiaforum.in/letters/jobs-msme Also visible on https://www.theindiaforum.in/?newslttr Do write your response or views on ideas for job creation to The India Forum at the id below: ram@theindiaforum.in

Mismatch of Jobs and Skills for Today’s Youth?

Typing and typewriters: An outdated skill? I write on jobs and skills required for the youth in this new world of internet and smartphones[1]. The concerns I highlight in this note based on my research are: What is a good education and appropriate skills for students entering the job market? Is there a mismatch? In … Continue reading Mismatch of Jobs and Skills for Today’s Youth?