Harry Potter and Rowling’s Amazing Futuristic Ideas

The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling is an amazing seven part fantasy fiction. It has not been classified as science-fiction as yet. In this post I highlight the many futuristic Sci-fi ideas embedded in the seven series novels. Please comment and let me know of more such ideas for the future that Rowling may have embedded in the novels and we may have missed.



Stuck in our 'living room' for an entire year since March 24, 2020 when India imposed its first lockdown. Morning after watching film Passengers, I took these random shots of our living room. It struck me that this was really my spaceship! Spaceship 502. Enclosed in this space I take classes, attend meetings and webinars, all in the virtual mode. Spaceship 502 is my home, office, entertainment center and all else for the entire year and through this journey. Fortunately I have a partner, a co-passenger, for company on this long journey.