Market and More Market, Malaga, Spain

In which informal market space did one see stained glass windows? Well, we did, in the fruit and vegetable, fish and meat market in Malaga, Andalusia province in the South of Spain. There were beautiful stained glass depictions of the scenes from the Bible in the Malaga cathedral, but in the market? The Stained glass windows in the market depicted the scenes of Malaga, a picturesque coastal town in the Mediterranean Ocean. The Alcabaza Fortress or citadel, Malaga Cathedral, the port, and the quaint little town were depicted in this large stained glass panel. It could be viewed from both the outside and inside of the market.

The fruit and vegetable stalls were a treat, both to the eye and to the palate! We bought some berries, red cherry like. Phew, it was so sweet and juicy. Eating as we walked along, it was like drinking fruit juice. There were stalls laden with dried fruits, almonds and figs of Malaga, walnuts of Malaga and California. We made the mistake of buying the latter. This old person was insisting that I photograph him. He dug in his bag and pulled out a fist full of berries which he presented to me with blessings for a good visit to Malaga. How charming was that! It truly depicted the warm and friendly nature of the people of Malaga.

And there were rows and rows of fish and meat stalls. These two fish were gazing at us hopefully! Fresh food was being served in many other stalls in the market and it was a popular place for eating out. Stalls on the outer side of the market had set up seating arrangements on the pavement and had people encouraging us to taste their wares!

Reminder of my fascination for informal markets. And here is an old post depicting it:

Do read and enjoy!


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