Boat crossing at St. Pancras Lock, Two levels at Regent Canal, London

One Friday afternoon while we were casually strolling around King Cross area we came across this amazing boat crossing across the Regent Canal which was at two levels. There were boats parked on both sides of a Canal gate which was at two different levels. While we were wondering how this was supposed to work we saw this amazing feat accomplished manually, A gatekeeper opened the gate to allow water to flow out and level the two parts of the canal. As the boat at the higher level slowly came down to the lower level, the gates opened and the boat crossed over. Surprising only one side of the gate was opened and we wondered how the boat would come through. To our delight the boat was skillfully manipulated through the single open gate by the boatman!! See video of the crossing.

St. Pancras Lock, Regent Canal, London
Yeah, Boat crossed over

Hurrah we shouted at the boat crossed over to the lower level canal and passed under the bridge where we were standing filming this event. We were really amazed that in this digital time and age there were such ancient canal systems still operated manually. Google Baba later told us that there was a lot of debate in the era when this two level canal was constructed on how to operate it. It was meant for commercial traffic, but later as commerce on this route declined it was left there as a relic of the past. It is now mainly used by pleasure tour boats filled with young and old enjoying a pleasant afternoon when the sun shines brightly. The latter is obviously a rare event in London!!

Another boat load of young revelers had been waiting for some time on the other side of the canal. As the first boat crossed the old gatekeeper waved over to the boat lady on the other side and this boat started its journey across the gate. The revelers were thrilled and there were great hoops of joy as the boat crossed from under the bridge where we were watching this show with great delight! Watch the video as the second boat crosses and enters the narrow gate opened only on one side. Quite a feat of precision achieved by the boat lady!

Second boat crossing with large group of young revelers!

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    Regent Canal in Central London is this two level canal and we witnessed this amazing boat crossing from one level of water in the canal to the other level! Take a look at the videos of the crossing!


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