Slow Down Mummy!

A beautiful poem by R Night! Slow Down Mummy!

“Slow down Mummy there is no need to rush! What is all the fuss? Make yourself a cup of tea, Come spend some time with me!”

What a caring loving thought of a daughter for her mother. And how true. Where do we think we are going anyway? Took a little girl to notice. “I know you work a lot, but sometimes mummy, it’s nice when you just stop”. Can we not take time to stand and stare? Take time to muse? To wander to nearby site

And so I decide every now and then to: Take time to wander around and catch a glimpse of nature as it unfolds its beauty. In this city with desert like condition, sandy soil, extreme heat and saline water, it is indeed difficult to grow anything. It takes a lot of tending and patience! Here are some fruits of that tending and patience. This bunch of lilies and the yellow cactus flowers bloom once a year, like the adenium! The pink roses are desi roses, traditional, and bloom through out the year. So does the hibiscus, shoe flowers. The strange phenomenon we had this year was the appearance of a pink hibiscus on a white shoe flower tree! So are the miracles of nature, and lucky are we to witness them!

Birds of all varieties exist around us on the campus. Peacocks are frequent visitors and a couple have adopted our home. Hence we frequently get to see the beauty of their moods and dance performances! Sometimes they are resting and are disturbed by our prying eyes and cameras. Here is a treat!

And wonder of wonder in one of my ‘wandering around to catch of glimpse of nature’ phase I caught this amazing peacock dance, right in our back yard! Enjoy!

Peacock Dance

In the moments I choose to relax and move outdoors, one does catch the moods of several mammals, mainly running wild!

Other than watching the plant and animal species the campus also offers some relaxing nocturnal activities. Gazing at the moon in its various phases is fascinating And a bonfire on the festival of Lodhi, a harvest festival

Yesterday we tried our hand at gardening. I have over the years tried vegetable gardening and failed. Again blaming this to the sandy soil and saline water in this land. When I moved south briefly, to an area with more black alluvial soil, I found that the vegetables grew better, the leaves of the spinach were at least double the size in this town. Recently a green entrepreneur gifted us four sets of seeds, tomato, broccoli, lettuce and kale, green vegetable of the cabbage family. So I decided to try my luck again. We have planted these in four separate temporary pots. Hopeful that the seedlings will appear soon! I also got a couple of little pots planted with little cactus plants. Credit to all of this goes to the gardener. I hope he has a green thumb and we will soon see some green shoots!

I hope my little girl, not so little now, is happy that Mummy does try to slow down, relax and do something other that being glued to books and the laptop!


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