Elippathayam: The urban rat-trap

Urban foxes: are they ‘fantastic’ or a growing menace?
This article reminded me of my blogpost on animals and humans encroaching each others urban spaces. Amusing story on animals invading their natural habitat, the urban spaces.


We were sleeping peacefully in our home in the prestigious IIT Delhi campus after an exhausting day of travel and partying! I woke up suddenly feeling that someone was lightly running over me! I sat up and felt around, but there was no one or anything! My partner slept peacefully! I fell asleep again and then it seemed like someone was running a hand over my hair! I sat up with a jerk and looked around again. No one and nothing to be seen. This time my sudden movement woke my partner! “What is it?” “Don’t know, may be a rat?” “Turn on the light lets see.” So on come the lights, obviously there is nothing. We look in all corners of the bed, lift the sheets, look around the room. Nothing to be seen. “Perhaps I was dreaming!” We turn off the lights and I start to think. Am…

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