COVID19-3 Laughter is the best medicine

‘Laughter is the best medicine’ is a popular saying. Well, not always, as there are a lot of unfortunate events all around the world where laughter is no medicine at all. Still it is interesting to see humour pop up all around and creative juices working overtime in the virtual world. The virtual world is all there seems to be around us now. So to keep us going I have compiled a lot of the creative energy generated by the forced confinement into a fun piece to lighten our mood.

Disclaimer: None of this is my original stuff. I thank all the relevant sources, though in many cases I do not know the origin. I also thank my colleagues in the University and particularly the Economics group for much of this material.

The English Expression

Corona virus and the lock down that followed in country after country has led to coining of some new words and phrases. It will definitely add a few new words to the dictionary and change expression in English and other languages. Here are a few samples

Jamin Speer (@JaminSpeer)
24/03/20, 7:48 PM
Extroverts: “It’s so terrible to be stuck inside without people”
Introverts: “It’s so terrible to be stuck inside with people”
The sad state of extroverts and introverts!

Classroom-University Humour

As a teacher I am still undecided on whether I am in a good place or not with online teaching and working from home. It is a relief to be at home and not see those jokers in class. But at the same time I miss their antics, the expression on their faces, and a good simple conversation face to face! We are learning, Zooming for one and Googling for a different reason this time! Even those who have not Zoomed except once, have an opinion on it. So why not me? As in my post COVID19-1, I do end up sometimes not finding my ‘classroom’ and ‘looking’ for the ‘class participants’. Sometimes it turns into ‘Jhoom Barabar Jhoom barabar!’ as in the great original qawwalee by Aziz Nazan. Not a good joke, but listen to this anyway!

With schools closed, some schools continue classes on line. My nephew sits down for online class in his school uniform following instruction from school. Well not quite, only the shirt complies, but not the pair of shorts below. With a large amount of homework following the online class, not sure the mothers are in a good place either! Mothers who are ‘homeschooling’ for the first time, find this:

College teachers unfortunately begin to look like Emperor Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burnt. Classes go online, readings and assignments are a must, no matter what! And the perils of being a marine biologist working from home! Give us a break, we are doing our jobs as you can see here:

Working From Home:

On a more serious note-psychological problems

The local stray cat, Mr. Percival, appears at our door for breakfast, lunch and dinner. One day he was standing at the door, behind the screen, and when my niece wanted to come indoors. He growled at her and at me! No meek MEEEOOOW, but a scary GROWWWWLL! And did I hear him say ‘That’s not fair’?

The Art of Social Distancing

A little loss of sanity is Ok, I guess!

Few Innocent Cartoons

Our Future

I assure you dear friends, one day we will get back to ‘normal’ and out of the virtual! Think of it this way, as spoken by the Stand-up comedian Abijit Ganguly, ‘we will have a great story to tell our grand children’!

Abijit Ganguly (@AbijitG)
25/03/20, 11:49 AM At least now we’ll have a story to tell our grandkids, otherwise saying ‘you know our Internet used to get disconnected intermittently’ was our major problem would’ve been a little embarrassing.
Story for our Grandkids

If it is any consolation, people many decades before us were subject to the same. And till we life turns ‘normal’, keep sane and read a couple of poems of hope.

Happy Easter Friends


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