Spaceship 502-The Black Fungus Monster (3)

On Spaceship 502 we have a new enemy to fight, the Black Fungus Monster! The invasion of an Alien Specimen was looming large over us, unobserved. We were cruising along calmly and happily exploring space and other planets! We got this alert of the new alien specimen, over and above the corona specimen, from our space station on planet Earth. Look out for the Black Fungus Monster! How could it affect us? Well, on Spaceship 502 one of our hobbies is Greenhouse gardening. The Black Fungus Monster may be living in your Greenhouse, in the soil, manure, plants or even on decaying fruit! Oh God! It’s right here, in our backyard!

Black Fungus Monster: Mucor mould is found in soil, plants, manure and decaying fruits

The Black Fungus, or mucormycosis, is a rare disease that attacks the human body when the defenses are down, those who have health problems or are taking medicines. The body’s ability to fight germs declines and the Black Fungus attacks. Now what sacred me about this report/s was the warning to be careful while gardening! To wear shoes, long trousers, long sleeved shirts and gloves to protect while working with soil or green manure. The alien attacks the nose, mouth and eyes first and then the lungs!

As I read Ari Honarvar state ‘One thing I’ve learned from spending much of my own childhood in times of war and political upheaval is the importance of cultivating joy during crises.’ In my lifetime in India we never really went through such hard times. But our current fight against the enemy corona virus is no less than a war. And now we have a new enemy, the Black Fungus! In these troubled times one needs to cultivate small joys to keep one’s sanity. As in many of my earlier posts I have spoken about how Laughter is the Best Medicine and how as the economy unlocks slowly we find ourselves in ‘Trishangu Heaven’, neither here nor there!

The other way to keep one’s sanity is to cultivate hobbies. One such hobby of mine, ‘keeping in mind the importance of cultivating joy during crisis’, is pottering around in the Greenhouse, ‘gardening’ it is called! I also create homemade manure from wet kitchen waste and when it turns to manure in three weeks, I bury it in the garden to resuscitate the soil! Wow, and that is exactly where the Black Fungus Monster lurks!

Some Cactus Variety in the Greenhouse

Ok, given this severe alert from Space Station on Earth, we have to be careful on Spaceship 502. So what do we do? Following the advisory: Gear up with double mask, gloves, headgear, shoes (monster can get into your toe nails, wicked guy), long sleeved double shirt and long pants (pyjamas will do)! So here we go:

Ready to deal with the Black Fungus Monster!

All armed to deal with the Black Fungus Monster we go about our hobby, pottering in the greenhouse! So here we continue pottering…

And Cultivating joy!

               मुझे दर्द-ए-दिल का पता न था ……I was not aware of pain in my heart

               मुझे आप किस लिये मिल गये?…..So why did you walk into my life? (Black Fungus Monster)

               मैं अकेले यूँ भी मज़े में था ……….I was enjoying myself on my own

               मुझे आप किस लिये मिल गये?…..So why did you walk into my life?

               यूँ ही अपने अपने सफ़र में गुम ….Each of us was engrossed in our own journey (Me on Spaceship 502)

               कहीं दूर मैं कहीं दूर तुम…………….Far far away from each other

               कहीं दूर तुम…………………………….Far away from you (Dear Black Monster)

               चले जा रहे थे जुदा जुदा……………..We were going our separate ways

               मुझे आप किस लिये मिल गये?….. So why did you walk into my life?

               मैं अकेले यूँ भी मज़े में था……….I was enjoying myself on my own

               मुझे आप किस लिये मिल गये?.. .So why did you walk into my life? (Black Fungus Monster???)

Film: Aakash Deep (Listen to the song below)

So dear Black Fungus Monster, why did you walk into my life?


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