Lockdown and Informal Workers: Video recording

We are currently facing the second wave of the corona virus (COVID19) pandemic in India. In this round, the infection seems to be spreading rapidly. We are faced with night curfew, weekend lockdowns and mini containment zones. The threat of a state wide and even country wide lockdown hangs over us like the Damocles sword. The question before us for the second time in a year is to save lives and/or save livelihoods?

Looking back at the first strict lockdown due to the pandemic in India, April-May 2020, the Centre for Social Justice’s discusses the legal recourse and non-legal interventions undertaken to mitigate the plight of the informal workers and migrants during the lockdown and after. In this video recorded session Gagan Sethi (Janvikas and Co-Chair Centre for Social Justice) and Nupur (Managing Trustee, CSJ) speak to students about the plight of informal workers during the first strict lockdown and the legal framework that CSJ used to help informal workers and migrants.

Listen to the video recording of the session here.

Waste Collection Center, Ahmedabad

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