Spaceship 502-Our Exploration of Planet X (2)

Reflecting on the year long ‘stay at home’ and work from home’ norms I wrote this story a week ago about how we are all Passengers (see here) travelling on a Spaceship. At the end of these waves of the pandemic we will probably reach our destination, Earth II. What will we find there? How would we and our relationships have changed during this long journey? While the story of our journey on Spaceship 502 got posted on various social media sites I got a lot of reactions, many of them telling me that we should hold on to HOPE! I never intended it to be a ‘hopeless’ post, was just trying to be witty! One interesting response I got from someone I do not know and Does Not follow me was encouraging @Ravindra_Muley. ‘Very well expressed, can’t wait to see the episode’. I guess he meant the Next Episode? I had not thought about it, but good idea.

So here is Episode 2: We course along peacefully on our Spaceship and sometimes not so peacefully. We just lost our beloved Mamaji (Maternal Uncle ) to COVID! But Mamaji was a man with a quiet sense of humour. So I’m sure he will enjoy this wherever he is. I dedicate this series to Mamaji and his Quirky Sense of Humour!

As we course along on Spaceship 502 we look out of the ship to the vast expanse in front of us. There is beauty, but sometimes the scenes are odd and unfathomable. Here are some of the celestial scenes! A vast expanse to nowhere, a space storm? Celestial bodies line up and then merge! Oh, what Infinite (Pun intended) Beauty!

The vast expanse ahead

Then Spaceship 502 moved slowly over Planet X. Wow what a land, a little like the surface of the moon, cracked and barren. As we moved on we saw vast tracts of what seemed barren land, almost like the Grand Canyon or a Gorge?

Surface of Planet X

And what is that, vegetation or remnants of vegetation that existed billions of years earlier? The green around requires us to explore if there is water and oxygen on this planet? Can Planet X be the next abode for the homo sapiens when our Earth is completely destroyed by our greed and recklessness? Or does this vegetation survive on something else? NASA plans it’s mission to Mars in this decade. We should plan Mission Plant X to explore the possibilities of life on the planet.

And to our infinite surprise, what did we see? Are there Aliens on Planet X? And what is this, are they having a meeting? And the other one, is he/she/it riding a vehicle or animal? If so, this is a very intelligent Alien species if it is so organized and invented means of transport! Homo Sapiens should explore मैत्री, Friendship, with the race on Planet X.

Alien Riding? Vehicle or Animal?

Is this a pile of waste in an organized waste collection center? And even more mysterious, do we see a fossil? Is this the remains of an Alien? Or is it the remains of vegetation?

On Spaceship 502 there is great excitement. Have we miraculously discovered a planet that will save Mankind? Have we stumbled on what may be a great scientific discovery? We are reporting these findings with these images from Spaceship 502 to the Base Station on Earth. We need more equipment and back up to be able to continue our search for other habitable planets a la Star Trek. Planet X can be explored further by another mission from Planet Earth! Dear Friends: Await our continued adventures on Spaceship 502 in the next Episode!


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