Insights on Women Entrepreneurs: A Conversation

Our book on ‘Women Entrepreneurship in the Indian Middle Class’ was published recently. It was a lot of hard work over nearly 5 years. I was the lead author, Jeemol Unni, currently Professor of Economics at Ahmedabad University, Ahmedabad, India. My co-authors were Vanita Yadav, Central Queensland University Australia, Ravikiran Naik, Flame University, Pune and Swati Dutta, Institute of Human Development, Delhi. I had written earlier about this book in the blog. See here

I hope some of you have read the book! For those who may not have the opportunity or patience to read, but willing to listen to insights from the book, here is a voice recording of a conversation with Samyuktha and Radhika from ‘In the Field’. This was done as an initiative of LEAD of KREA University.

Please listen to a conversation on insights from the book here: I also discuss the motivation for writing this book.


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