Women Entrepreneurs: A book talk

As in some of my previous posts I have discussed with the making of our book Women Entrepreneurship in the Indian Middle Class. There are also posts on a short podcast and discussion on the book. We thought it may be a good idea to discuss the book with the students and faculty at our Ahmedabad University. This post is to give a sense of the ambience and some parts of this engaging event, the book talk!

The book views entrepreneurship from an interdisciplinary perspective. As one of the Co-authors, Jeemol Unni, my view is mainly that of an Economist. To bring in an interdisciplinary perspective we had Prof. Mona Mehta, a political scientist at the University, join us in conversation on the book.

Mona Mehta introduces the book

The talk was held at the University bookstore that had an elegant ambience. Here we have Prof Mona Mehta introduce the book.

Talk about the interdisciplinary view in the book which makes the book readable to all audiences

There was a very engaged student and faculty audience. The university places a lot of emphasis on interdisciplinary learning. In this spirit both students and faculty attending were from diverse backgrounds, from the Schools of Management and Arts and Science.

The focus of the book is on small enterprises that form a large proportion of the total enterprises in India and in developing countries. The management and economics literature defines entrepreneurs as those that are innovative, risk taking and able to scale up their enterprises. The media and entrepreneurship award functions eulogies such entrepreneurs including women entrepreneurs. The result is that policy focus is on these large enterprises or start ups that are able to raise large amounts of funds and scale up. What about the smaller enterprises and women entrepreneurs who may not want to scale up? Whose objective function may be different, such as having a social cause? In this book we interviewed and recorded stories of many such women entrepreneurs.

Argue for policy focus on smaller enterprises that are growing and contributing to employment and income generation in the economy

We did not record the book talk so here are a few bits of the conversation. Links to other short pieces on the book in this blog are highlighted in the starting para of this post. For readers who are intrigued, please do look up the book in the local library or order it on Amazon!! Enjoy the book!

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