Insights on Women Entrepreneurs: A Conversation

I hope some of you have read the book, 'Women Entrepreneurship in the Indian Middle Class'! For those who may not have the patience to read, but willing to listen to insights from the book, here is a voice recording of a conversation with Samyuktha and Radhika from 'In the Field'. This was done as an initiative of LEAD of KREA University.


Women’s Day 2022: Gender equality for a sustainable tomorrow

The bulge in the population pyramid in the age groups 15 to 35 years is the ‘demographic dividend’. While most countries are aging and have very low birth rates, India’s population will continue to grow for a decade more. However, the advantage of having a young population will not be an advantage if the education system fails us.

Social Norms and Participation of Women in Work

Whether you take the social norms framework, statistical framework, the political framework or the judicial framework the question is: How to design policy to improve women’s work participation in India? Social norms remains a major factor to contend with no matter which framework is used to design policies.